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The Best Internet Bank Account Services for the 21st Century


Welcome to the Online Banking Accounts website. This website examines the best options for Internet banking services available for people with U.K. bank accounts or who are considering switching to a better performing bank account in the U.K. and are wondering what options were available.


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We also offer information for people wanting to apply for an online current account such as information about free banking, as well as those Internet based services which offer a high interest rate for current accounts. All of the major banks, as well as some second-tier and specialist banking companies, now offer online or digital banking services. It is a fast-changing sector and there are issues specific to this area such as security which everyone should take particular interest in. In our busy lives we need banking services which are efficient and speedy, but we also demand security and 24/7 access, together with a whole range of services which have never been available before.

For this reason we currently recommend the Santander Preferred Current Account.



Key points about the Santander Preferred Current Account:


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